AML Policy

AQUASIS HOLDINGS (M) SDN BHD  Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Anti-Money Laundering Policy Statement
The Company is strongly committed to preventing the use of its operations for money laundering or any activity, which facilitate money laundering, or the funding of terrorist or criminal activities. Accordingly, the Company will comply with all applicable laws, and regulations designed to combat money laundering activity and terrorist financing, enacted by the Government of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, all International Laws to which the Government of Great Britain and the Commonwealth is a subscribe including the USA patriot Act and will cooperate with the appropriate authorities in efforts to prevent any such misuse of the financial channels.

Every employee is required to act in furtherance of this policy statement to protect the Company from exploitation by money launders or terrorists.

Anti Money Laundering

It is the process that disguises the illegal origin of the money. Money Laundering is the result of a large number of criminal acts to generate a profit for an individual or group that carries out the act. Money laundering has turned into a serious crime and in the last couple of years , we have a serious concern towards it. Various measures have been taken to stop this unlawful act. Even in some countries, regulatory bodies have been formed to eliminate this crime.

In this prevailing scenario, and in order to restrict Money Laundering, AQUASIS HOLDINGS (M) SDN BHD  Services is trying to establish comprehensive anti-money laundering strategic programmes aimed at:

  • Raising awareness on money laundering issues
  • Assisting law agencies and authorities to trace, seize, and confiscate criminally derived profits
  • Introducing Know Your Customer Policy (KYC)
  • Reasonable measures to obtain information about the true identity of the persons on whose behalf a transaction is made.
  • Record keeping procedures- Maintain, for a specific time period, all necessary records on transactions, both domestic or international
  • Special attention to all complex, unusual large transactions
  • Ways and means of monitoring and tracing clients’ unusual and suspicious transaction. Information from independent sources: clients’ contacts
  • Economic, administrative, self-regulatory and other measures which can be taken to create an effective shield against money laundering
  • Training of the Staff
  • Proper care in hiring the new staff

AQUASIS HOLDINGS (M) SDN BHD  is committed to regularly update its electronic system for inspection of suspicious transactions and for verification of client identification records, in accordance with any new regulations as they are promulgated, as well as providing training for its employees on enhancements to anti-money laundering procedures that may be required by new regulations.